Sunday, December 18, 2005

Someone finall told off NA!

One of our servers finally had enough of NA's antics! They came in one night in their typical style: loud and in a large group. They always come in late, usually when there's only one server on the restuarant side and one on the bar side. So by the time they came in, their server already had 8 other tables. For some reason, it couldn't have been that she had soooo many tables, she wasn't paying as much attention to them as they would have liked. They started snapping their fingers at her and coming over to her and trying to tell her something while she was taking another table's order! Thankfully, her tables could all see what complete a-holes these people were being and were totally cool with it and nice to the server.

I don't know what the final straw was that set her off, but it couldn't have been pretty. But she let them have it. I doubt she was dropping the f-bomb or anything like that, but I'm so glad that somebody finally had the guts to tell them off! They have abused the fact that we have to be nice to the customers no matter what for far too long. They think that the more often they come in, and the more money they spend, the more right they have to treat the employees however they want.

They won't be served by male servers. They don't like booths, because if more people show up, they can't steal tables to add on to what they've already got. They can't count. They never have the number that they tell us. If they call ahead, they think it means that something will be waiting for them when they walk in the freakin' door. If they don't call ahead, it's always when they have a large number that we can't always accomodate right away. They're all perverts and have no problem smack-talking you behind your back. They think they're the only customers in the restaurant and everyone should drop what they're doing to help them. They'll steal dirty tables and then not do a thing to help clean them off, just watch and tell you that you're doing a good job (when they're really probably just trying to see down your shirt or something).

I hope one day one of them stumbles upon this blog. I can't get fired because I do this when I'm off the clock. Plus I don't mention names or where I work so they couldn't prove it. On top of that, probably by the time they do find this blog, I will have long since left that restaurant and gone on to a place where I get treated better.