Friday, February 03, 2006

More "Shit-eth"

Okay, so get this! As stated in my last post, "Danny" didn't get fired for helping himself to alcohol after hours, he got promoted. No one else got fired either, I'm sure they got a talking to, but that seems to have been about it.

So this past Saturday, String Bean tells me to take one of my hostesses off of the schedule. This hostess has been working there for almost a year, she's one of my best, especially for putting up with all the crap of this particular restaurant. Sometime last week, when we were both working, along with "Danny", she called him a "wannabe manager" jokingly while he was around. Apparently, he took great offense (even though he kids around and is sarcastic all the time) and wrote her up. String Bean was going to fire her. However, "Danny" couldn't even remember when it happened, he claimed that it was in front of the trainee hostesses, but it wasn't! It was just me, her, and him that heard her make the comment.

So apparently String Bean definitely plays favorites. "DannY" gets caught drinking after hours, at the restaurant's expense, and serving a minor (which is illegal) and he gets promoted anyway. This hostess, jokingly calls "Danny" a "Wannabe" and she's gonna loose her job? In what world is "wannabe" worse than serving a minor? He is a wannabe manager, the position isn't technically a manager position, as I've mentioned before. So she just re-worded his title and he goes and tries to get her fired? Look at who's calling the kettle black.

Thankfully, one of our other not-managers told String Bean and Monkey Boy that if this hostess was fired, she was walking right out the door with her. I would have gone too, and I had half a mind to crash that meeting between Monkey Boy and the hostess, I'm not sure why I didn't...I really should have...