Friday, September 22, 2006

Trivia Guys’ (Hopefully) Last Night

Oh, where to begin, so many *wonderful* things happened tonight! I’ll start by mentioning that last week, we were graced with the presence of the nicer and much less obnoxious trivia guy. We begged him to keep doing trivia with us and not let G come back. None of us like G at all, he’s full of himself, obnoxious, and he thinks that the people playing his little trivia ge are the only people in the restaurant worth being nice to. Which leads me to why I’m writing tonight!

Started off normally enough, as most drama-packed shifts do. There was a college football ge or something on, so G had to do his little ge from the dinning room instead of the bar *where he would normally be and has been for the past year, except when there’s football games on*. No biggie, he’s been doing it this way for the past couple of weeks, what with the start of the NFL and all (National Football League, American football for you Brits out there) and we are a sports bar that’s why people love eating with us.

First thing we hear from some of the guests is, “we need a table, we can’t play trivia in the bar”. Okaaay, this is news to us. We sit them, and then I go back to go find out what the deal with that is. Apparently, G decided tonight that you can’t play trivia in the bar if he’s in the dinning room. “G said” was what the manager told me. Oh grow a spine please! We hire HIM to come in to do this, just because he’s the owner of the little trivia company does not mean that he’s in charge of the whole freakin’ restaurant!

G was in the dinning room again because there was a collage game or something on, and they didn't want him in the bar. Either that or they wanted to see if he'd tick off more customers so they could pull the plug. So he's in his usual booth all the way in the corner, which we'd kept open since around 7 to make sure that it'd be empty when he got there because if we don't have a place for him ready when he arrives he throws a hissy fit. But we did seat the other big table next to his and the one caddy-corner to his. At one of those, we sat a K (who works at GD) and her kids.The other table we sat with a party of four, nice family, who knows K.

G was kind of rude to K, telling her it was about to get very loud in here in the next five minutes or something like that, but she didn't really think anything else of it, she knew the guy was a d***. Then he went to the other table and I guess he told them the same thing. The family tried to explain that they didn't know it was trivia night and they would have asked for somewhere else to sit if they had known. He didn't want to hear any of it and didn't let them finish when he said, “Well you can just leave then, there's an exit there and there.”


The dad took the kids out so he wouldn't lose his cool and the mom went over to carry out to ask the girl over there if she could tell their server they wanted their food to go because they had been made to feel like THEY were inconveniencing HIM because they were sitting there (where we had put them)
and get this, the dad is the pastor of K! If G doesn't get struck by lightning...Oh, and it was their little boy's birthday too! They went out to celebrate his birthday, and ended up taking their food home and eating it there when they should have had a nice night at Glory Days. Not everybody (the employees) knew exactly what G had said to that table, just that he talked to them and then they wanted to leave. Their server apologized profusely, the kitchen manager went out and apologized, and even one of our bartenders/managers who was on his way home went over and apologized! After the bartender/manager apologized, he came over to use our phone to call a cab, so we asked him what G said. (“Then you can leave”)

So on K's way out with her kids, I asked if G had been rude to her, she said kinda but didn't think anything of it, then I told her what G had told the other table and she was shocked and steamed! I told her that the other table had gotten our web site and was going to e-mail corporate, and K said that she'd make sure the pastor's wife sent the e-mail and she'd send one too! Then J, who had also taken care of K as well as the pastor's family, came out to say goodbye and I asked if she knew what G had said to the table, she didn't, so I told her. She blew her lid.

A little while later, she went over and let G have it! She didn't cuss him out or anything, not on the floor, but she said that more people come to GD to eat than play his stupid trivia game, those were her tables and her tips and her tips suffered because he went over there to talk to them. She told him that he had no right to talk to her tables, that was money out of her pocket not his, “but then I guess it doesn't matter does it”.

She let him have it for like five minutes and then went to the kitchen, he followed her. The other hostess and I followed him, we weren't gonna miss that! Especially if J hit him like she was very likely to do. G tried to get in J's face back there in front of String Bean, but J would have none of that (she’s one server you don’t really don’t want to mess with ever). She said she'd knock that “mother f*****'s teeth out again” (G as it turns out has either false teeth, his four front ones, or caps or something because they fell out one night a few weeks ago and he didn’t finish Trivia) and went to turn to leave when he yelled, “Go ahead!”. He must have either felt safe with String Bean right there, or he was going to press charges if she did hit him (which is more likely, I don’t call him String Bean for nothing...).

J stopped and turned right back around and said “I will! You wanna take this out back right now?” That's when it got scary and me and the other hostess when back up front.But during the whole thing back there, like ten of us were standing around with cone cups and soda like we were all getting drinks when really we were listening!

J says she can't take anymore tables that night because she couldn't work with G right there by her tables, so she's cut and gets ready to finish with her last table and do her sidework. G goes back out and finishes trivia, but not before he stops at a couple tables to explain what happened or put his own spin on it...

Then we find out from Original J who worked there waaaaay back in the day when I first started working there and who was playing trivia with his table that G was being Smoking Nazi and not letting them go over the bar to smoke. Anybody that wanted to smoke had to stand at the partition on the bar side of it and smoke where he could see them so he knew they weren't on cell phones or talking to other guests.

Oh goodness...and there’s more...

Apparently, G has been ticking off all the wrong people when he approaches other guests. Napkin Guy, which some of you may remember but I’ll give you a quick refresher: Napkin Guy had a legit reason to be on his cell phone (mom was going into surgery and dad was keeping him updated) but G didn’t care and got in his face about it, so the guy threw a napkin at G and G flipped out. He went back into the kitchen and started yelling about how he wasn’t going back on the floor until that guy got kicked out. *Rolls eyes* what a wimp. Long story short, Napkin Guy not only did not get kicked out, turns out to be friends and neighbors with our company’s OWNER. Oops. Guess you better start being nicer to people in general, hmm?
Apparently G ticked off another friend/neighbor of the owner (I must have missed that day or something...) and that left him with one strike left before someone would make String Bean get rid of this guy. Tonight was strike three. Yay.

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