Sunday, September 11, 2005

Not Anymore

I just can't do it anymore. My good days at work are few and far between, being far outweighed by not-so-good-days. I can't deal with the servers telling me how to do my job anymore, and guests constantly blaming me for stuff, treating me like crap just because I work in a restaurant and because I'm not a server or manager, I'm tired of Monkey Boy constantly scaring away hostesses because of his extreme sarcasm, I'm tired of hostesses being hired and leaving like there's a revolving door up front. I wish we could pay them more so the good ones would stay, that would be a step in making it worth my staying. That and there's a rumor that one of the to-go guys gets paid a lot hourly plus some under the table. If it's true, that's what I'm going for to make me stay. That, and MY handles on the hostess desk. String Bean's didn't last more than a week! He picked appearance over practicality. Mine were small and sturdy. So they were silver, big deal. It's not like everything in the restaurant matches everything else. Our summer menu (it's an insert) doesn't even match our normal menu! I don't think anybody would notice two little silver handles on the doors of the hostess desk.

I thought I could put up with it, I thought I could deal, but apparently I can only take so much. As soon as my last boss says that they're opening a store near here (Applebee's) and making him the GM, I'm dropping whatever I'm doing to go and work for him. He knows how to run a store.