Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wing Night

One of my privilages of being Head Host, is that I get to make the schedules. As such, I feel guilty when I give myself good shifts like morning shifts so I can get out early. So what I do is just not schedule myself for really crappy shifts, like on Wing Night. I absolutely hate working Wing Night. Wings are 35 cents apiece (and no you can't buy three wings, you have to buy them in the amounts allotted in the menu) and every teenager in the county and his brother come down for the cheap wings. They always come in parties of five or more, never call ahead, and usually only order wings and water and leave lousy tips. None of that affects me though, not really.

What I hate about wing night is that the teenagers do not know how to be proper guests, like they were too dense to pick it up from their parents or their idiot parents never tried to teach them in the first place. This pas wing night went fairly well though. I think it was because some people have gone off to college and others going back to school and not staying out as late and spending as much money as before. An entire high school football team wanted to come down at eat during the busiest time of night. When we told them it was going to be at least an hour, they told us that they already had people on their way down. Well, they must have called those people because no one from that team came in. They decided not to come and didn't tell us so much as a "never mind". We had tables ready for them and everything an hour after when they called! We could have sat so many people sooner (we had held off on four tables for this party of 20)

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